Don't touch my hair

"Don't touch my hair, when it's the feeling I wear
Don't touch my soul, when its the rhythm I know
Don't touch my crown, they say the vision I've found 
Don't touch what's there, when it's the feelings I wear"

The journey to self love

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Update

I can say today that I am flare up free. Wooop, jumps for joy. This is great because for about 2 years straight I had flare ups but I haven't had one in about a month and it feels so great and weird at the same time as I was used to having some sort of leak under my armpit. I still check my armpits for any boils but none so far (fingers crossed). So what did I do to stop this you ask? I started using tea tree oil. I kept on having flare ups from where my wounds hadn't healed. I had been back and forth to the

Review: Philip Kingsley

I bought these 3 products in 2014 as it was recommended by the hairdresser that did my hair. I went to Darren Scott hair salon in Maida Vale, London and it was a good experience, they do afro hair and European hair. As it was recommend that it will help with dry hair and add moisture I thought great I'll buy even though the price is quite high.

My love for Solange

I love Solange. She was one of the first women I saw rocking her fro in the entertainment business. My mouth dropped and something clicked like OMG I have afro hair also. I first relaxed my hair when I was 14 (Maybe I'll document my hair journey on here at some point). Which I think was quite late most people had it done way before secondary school. I begged my mum so much even years before that, because I was the only natural in the village looool, plus my mum found it hard to manage my hair. She used to canerow my hair and pull it ruffly ( You guys know the pain and how hard it was to manage then as there was no hair products then to "soften" your hair). The hot comb was my best friend, well sort of she used burn my ears with it BUT WHATEVER! ( Do you remember it had to be warmed up on the stove?) Wow the new generation will have no idea the struggle we faced back then. Anywho my best friend Tiwi was the first person to go natural around me. I remember she said to me I'm gonna stop relaxing my hair and cut of the relaxed ends ( I used to relax her hair for her or I think I did it one time) and I went to the hairdresser with her and watched her get her "big chop". She inspired me that summer to do the same and I never looked back. Anyway I know I am coming off topic but you need to know the background of what life was like for a black girl living in the UK knowing that her hair was different to the majority and why it is so important to me now. Solange made it ok to wear your hair the way God created it. If every other race can wear their hair the way they was born with it then why can't we? She became my inspiration and at that point I wanted to know more.

10 things I love about myself

Sometime we can be hard on ourselves. Its a lot easier to put ourselves down so I thought I would write a post just stating 10 things I love about me and I think everyone should take the time to write a list about what you love about yourself. Self love is so important.

  1. I love that I am self-less! Anyone that knows me knows how much I always do for people and I am usually always there when they need me.
  2. My smile. I aways get complimented about my smile and I must say I love it too.
  3. I love that I love to give. Always giving!
  4. I love my legs. I have long legs and they're just beautiful if I must say so myself ;)
  5. I love that I always try.
  6. I love that I never give up.
  7. I am always up to trying new things.
  8. I am always positive.
  9. I am funny!
  10. Last but not least I love that most of the time I am not afraid to be myself!

I would love to know what 10 things you love about yourself. 

Hidradenitis suppurativa = My life

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a painful, long term skin disease that causes abscesses and scarring of the skin this can occur usually around the buttocks, armpits, groin and breasts. There is no known cause but according to the NHS website it is linked to inflamed sweat glands and plugging of the hair follicles.

The 5 most essential hair products

I know this post is different to my usual posts but I thought I would do a post about my hair. So I have been "natural" for nearly 5 years. The last time I used a relaxer was 1st of December 2011 and I never looked back. It has been a hard journey I have wanted to relax my hair at times but nowadays I find it so much more easier. I know what my hair loves and needs. There are 5 steps and products that I use in my hair;

My 20's aren't what I thought they would be!

Why didn't anyone tell me that being in my 20's was going to be so hard? I am 23 will be 24 in 3 months and I am not where I thought I would be, I was having a discussion with my sister the other day (she's 3 years older than me) and she said when you're young you think being in your 20's is so far away and such a huge gap from being in your teens but its not really. One minute you're 13 and the next you're 23.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

I have had PMS since the first time I started having periods. At first I had no clue what it was as it wasn't talked about in schools or in general. I discovered I had it when I was 21 which was 2 years ago. I just thought my symptoms were apart of my period and thats it. However when I done my research on the NHS website I realised that I actually have PMDD which is the worse scenario where I am more depressed and suicidal during this time. I feel like I hate myself, my anxiety levels go through the roof and I sometimes do not want to do my normal daily activities and it sucks. I am very moody I do not want to talk to anyone and its horrible. I usually get this two weeks before I start my period. And everyone wonders whats wrong with her and so do I. Im even way more emotional and I cry at everything. Although I have not been diagnosed by a doctor this is a self diagnosis but I know this is something I go through every month. I usually just force myself out of bed and give myself that pep talk to keep going but do any of you ladies get PMS or PMDD?

Just because I have an opinion it's ok to say what I want!

Youtube is basically my TV. I love the concept of it and the fact that you have the freedom to put up what you want and anyone can watch what they want. As of recent I have been seeing a lot of Youtube gossip and news, where people are actually making videos talking about Youtubers lives and the mistakes they've made. Its like gossip central now and people want to make money off other peoples lives. Which happens already in the media with celebrities but I just never thought Youtube would become like this. It makes me want to never start a Youtube channel.

The internet is very powerful and you just don't know who is watching. A lot of people use the internet to voice their opinions including myself but sometimes your opinion can be taken offensively. I used to always want to write a Facebook status to voice my opinion but as I got older I started seeing what the internet was like and how people can use what you said against you. So the question we have to ask ourselves is do we need to voice our opinions? And the answer is; YES of course but do we ALWAYS need to voice our opinions? And the answer is NO.