Review: Philip Kingsley

I bought these 3 products in 2014 as it was recommended by the hairdresser that did my hair. I went to Darren Scott hair salon in Maida Vale, London and it was a good experience, they do afro hair and European hair. As it was recommend that it will help with dry hair and add moisture I thought great I'll buy even though the price is quite high.

I personally find both the shampoo and conditioner quite drying. It does not add moisture to my hair at all and I do not feel much difference to my hair.
This is the product description I found on the website;

"Formulated specifically for extremely porous, tight curls and all variations of African-Caribbean hair. Also suitable for chemically processed/relaxed and synthetic hairProvides a fine balance between thorough yet mild cleansing, leaving hair smooth, glossy, manageable and frizz free. Extensive moisture-binding properties help to repair damaged hair cuticles leaving a brilliant, healthy shine."

I have been using these products off and on as I won't let them go to waste but the description described above is not what I get with my hair.

However, the daily damage defence is what I like. It does what it says on the product the description reads;

"Already heralded as an ‘everyday Elasticizer’, this leave-in protective conditioning spray adds elasticity and provides defence from daily heat styling, breakage and environmental effects. Daily Damage Defence detangles, adding shine and manageability for all hair types. Use in addition to regular Elasticizer treatments for optimum results. For use on wet hair after washing to de-tangle or can be scrunched into dry hair to remove frizz. Anti Static"

I use the Daily Damage Defence daily, it does help with breakage and it smells lovely.

I would still recommend giving these products a try as reading some of the reviews on the website are quite positive. These views are just my experience with these Philip Kingsley products. As for now I wouldn't be investing in these products as I have my The 5 most essential hair products take a look I if you haven't found your go to hair products yet.

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